is providing future solutions depending on its own new Technology that has been developed by its own scientists and experts.

INNOVEPMENT GmbH established in nov.25 2006 as international Brain storm Company for scientific development in Cairo Egypt, By Dr. Diab – Radiation Protection expert, and was working through the past years on providing new technological solutions as well as new methods for renewable energy by 2016 the Company decided to go Internationally through the German Market as INNOVEPMENT GmbH by local German partners.


is reshaping the future through the technological Solutions as well as the green Energy production Solutions,
based on long years of research and development that has been tested and Certified through scientific Organizations.

The new and unique solutions has been provided as products.
The wireless earth and green energy reactor.

The wireless earth is a new product that has been developed to protect against electrostatic charges and electromagnetic waves.

The green energy reactor is a revolutionary product in renewable energy sector it has been developed to produce the maximum output of clean energy with zero CO² emission.

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